We are a Canadian Not-For-Profit - created by a group of passionate women, public figures, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who came together with the mission to make Windsor Essex County the #1 place in Canada to be a woman!


We provide hands-on mentorship through empowered one-on-one sessions and dynamic group workshops. We lead change in both perception and reality for women looking to develop their careers or take on a new professional challenge.

By pulling together a team of recognized leaders from diverse fields, we can help women overcome obstacles, launch and scale their business, thrive in STEM, manage their careers, and live a wholehearted and PASSIONATE life!


Our Partners

Thank you to our partners for helping us bring the Women of Windsor- Essex "All the way up!"

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Meet Our Team

Kavaughn Boismier - President & Founder

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As a senior leadership professional for the financial industry with over six years in Wealth Management as a Private Wealth Consultant and Investment & Wealth Advisor, Kavaughn is honoured to be one of only 16% females and 1% visible minority in the Professional Advisory space in Canada. Her professional focus and mission are to enrich the lives of individuals and entities in her community through mentorship, advocacy, and advice. Kavaughns' vision - to build a professional hub of knowledge, support, and service in Windsor-Essex County for clients who lack the knowledge or ability to manage their financial security - is coming to life through the WoW.

Sierra Scott - Director of Operations

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Our newest member, Sierra, joined the ranks of the WoW through a successful internship - through which she spearheaded the planning of a  program launch event for 120 people and hosted an online webinar for 100+ community members. Sierra is a young, dynamic professional who is passionate about using her abilities in marketing communication, social media, and the facilitation of in-person workshops and online webinars to help other young women professionals enter their chosen fields. A passionate Youth Leader and diversity champion, Sierra looks forward to long-standing support and participation in the success and achievement of our mission to make Windsor Essex County the #1 place to be a woman in Canada!

Hivda Celik- Administrator

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Hivda Celik began her journey at the Women of Windsor Mentorship Collaborative through a BSI opportunity from the University of Windsor. Since then, she has graduated with honours from her undergrad in BComm and Political Science and continues as Administrative Director at our organization. Hivda hopes to bring further value by means of recruiting and connecting women, staying connected with the community and organizing events such as the successful 'Womxn Empowering Womxn' seminar which allowed women such as Samra Zafar to share their stories and connect with participants from all over.

Joanne Soave- Administrator

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 Joanne has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience and looks forward to sharing that knowledge to help strengthen our local workforce. She is currently serving on the Agency Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters Windsor-Essex, a non-profit organization. In addition, Joanne is a Collaboration Committee Member for Connecting-Windsor Essex, (CW-E). She has a love of all things technology and innovation and assisting in bringing as much forward thinking and progressive tech advancements in the Windsor-Essex community as possible. Joanne joins our team as an Administrator, helping to conduct our daily operations and build unique community partnership opportunities. 

Zoja Holman - Board Member & Mentor

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Zoja has spent almost 15 years working in progressively senior positions predominantly in the public health care space. From corporate communication to privacy to strategic planning, she has had the privilege of leading several departments and collaborating with individuals at all levels of the organization as well as community stakeholders. As Zoja continue to explore new stages of her career, she is eager to support and encourage others to be successful where they are or wish to go and, where possible, learn every step of the way. Zoja now joins the Women of Windsor as a mentor and board member providing a unique and innovative prospective on our programing and operations.

Tara Teahen- Board Member & Mentor

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Tara is a career HR professional with experience in high paced manufacturing environments across multiple industries. Tara works with international teams to deliver high quality Talent Programs to suit the needs of the business climate. From her contribution to the global talent program to developing the next generation of talent- she is focused on the betterment of her employer Kautex Textron, for years to come. Tara has now joined the W.O.W team as a mentor and board member. She understands the impact mentors hold and is grateful for the mentors she has had along the way. 

Rebecca Stasko - Board Member

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 Rebecca is the Owner and Lead Strategist of Sko Communications, providing communication and marketing solutions based on the growing needs of SMEs, and a cherished supporter of the Women of Windsor Mentorship Collaborative! Offering hands-on support both internally and to local women professionals and community partners in the areas of marketing and brand strategy, relationship and issues analysis/management, internal and external communications audits, and full-scale communication strategy development specific to project, department, or company objectives.

Allison Hawkins - Treasurer

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An experienced CPA Partner with long-standing career success within the accounting industry, Allison contributes to the mission and efforts of the WoW by applying expertise in process improvements, technology implementation, strategic business planning, and relationship management. Bringing an unwavering dedication to each new challenge undertaken, Allison demonstrates a commitment to success and continued growth as an acting Founding Member and current Treasurer.

Alyssa Space - Board Member

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Alyssa, a dedicated Beauty Chemist, harmonized her unique passion and love for chemistry and beauty into the immensely successful beauty brand ForHerCosmetics. Her company's mission to promote positive affirmation amongst women while empowering all and her efforts to increase the retention of children, especially girls, in STEM-related fields through alternative exploration are ideals she lends to the Board. Significantly enhancing the broad-range of services and support available to local women through Wow!

We are masters of our respective crafts.  Skilled leaders, here to propel our community and each other forward!