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We offer needed mentorship to the Women of Windsor-Essex County, to excel in their professional and daily life.

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Become a Mentor

We provide our Mentors with the valuable resources required to engage and deliver meaningful support to the community and its stakeholders.

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We offer VIP memberships and sponsorship opportunities to individuals and businesses that align with our value system.

Why should you do business with us?

Because we are women in the arena, who have decided to dare greatly. We are striving valiantly, spending ourselves in a worthy cause, and in the end we will know the triumph of high achievement and great victory. 

Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt

Becoming a Partner

If you are a local organization, event representative, or agency looking to collaborate in achieving our mission to make Windsor Essex County the #1 place to be a woman- connect with us.

Becoming a Mentee

Serving women of all social classes - we offer hands-on guidance and mentorship for a variety of challenges related to entering and sustaining successful careers/businesses.

Gain access to exclusive events to increase your network and local resources that provide enhanced support to fit your specific needs.

If you are a member of the Windsor Essex community who identifies as a woman and is looking to find safe, encouraging, and well-informed support- book a free consultation and allow us to assess how we can best help you!

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Becoming a Mentor

We are a group of women who came together from all backgrounds and walks-of-life to use our cumulative experiences to help other women navigate the challenges and celebrate the 'wins'!

Along with being provided with the resources to make a real impact in the Windsor- Essex County community our mentors receive access to member-only retreats, business shoutouts, and personal brand highlights.

Our mentorship opportunities are available to both men and women who have achieved a high level of success and are looking to give back by propelling the careers of others. If this is you, let's have a chat about how we can get you started.