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WOW Wellness Retreat

What is the WOWofYQG?

The Women of Windsor Mentorship Collaborative (A.K.A. WOWofYQG) is a Canadian Not-For-Profit created by a group of passionate public figures, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who came together with the mission to make Windsor Essex County the #1 place in Canada to be a woman!

We provide one-on-one mentorship and dynamic group workshops. We lead change in both perception and reality for women looking to develop their careers or take on a new professional challenge.

By pulling together a team of recognized leaders from diverse fields, we can help women overcome obstacles, launch and scale their business, thrive in STEM, manage their careers, and live a wholehearted and PASSIONATE life!

The Mentor Retreat

WOWofYQG, having launched its one-on-one mentorship in January of 2021 is now a network of over 80 members. The Mentor Retreat was the first annual appreciation event that hosted 10 mentors for a day of professional development. The event featured a series of speakers and workshops that provided mentors with the resources to be better coaches.


The event was put together by a series of sponsors:

Bridgewood Farms graciously hosted the event on their farm, allowing for a peaceful, scenic space for our mentors to connect.

Festival Tents provided the retreat with proper sanitation to help ensure the health and safety for our guests.

Featured Speakers included:

Adara Movement introduced the idea of utilizing movement as a way to check in with yourself throughout your busy day, stating “Awareness combined with movement can expand your capacity to regulate yourself, focus, make decisions, and relate, as well as develop feminine leadership qualities of tolerance, resilience, intuition, insight, empathy

& sustainability.”- Kris Desjardins . Each member after her session was then able to

walk away with an offer for a free one-month membership to the Adara Movement platform.

Mike Nedzelski a professional life coach in the Windsor-Essex region spoke about the art of habit stacking and methods to shift behaviours that don't fuel you.

Sandra Woodbridge took the group through a session of forest bathing, speaking about the benefits of incorporating it into your daily routine.

Next Steps for WOWofYQG

After months of engaging their members and perfecting the new mentorship program, WOWofYQG plans to launch a new one-on-one mentorship session this September. This will provide open positions for interested professionals to apply for mentorship roles.

Those seeking both the opportunity to become a mentor or receive mentorship can sign up on our waiting list and become notified once these positions become available.

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